The 5 Secrets about Greek cuisine

Have you ever heard about tzatziki, souvlaki or moussaka and pitta? Welcome to the taste of the greek cuisine!

The delightful and tasty greek cuisine is known worldwide for the extremely special aroma and flavour and authentic quality. The 100% natural flavours connected with the lifestyle, hospitality and entertainment of the Greeks. Every little village or island in Greece produces something unique and tasty.

The most balanced cuisine of the world, which provides a better quality of life, improves your physical health and well-being.

Are you still wondering about the biggest secrets of Greek cuisine?

1. Aromatic Herbs, such as thyme, dill, basil, rosemary, fennel, oregano, parsley, etc.

These herbs are among some of the oldest ingredients in the greek kitchen, which not only smell and taste great, but also have a host of curative attributes. Greece hosts 6500 species of plants and the producers respect the environment, their land and products.

2. Traditional homemade cheese and yogurt. Some types of cheese are: feta, graviera, metsovone, kasseri, mizithra, anthotiro, etc.

Cheese is such a popular part of Greece‘s tradition with its authentic taste! Greek yogurt has more nutrients and vitamins than any other yogurt. Greek yogurt is widely produced in many areas across the country, such as regions of Thessaly or Epirus.

3. Fresh meat, such as pork, lamb, chicken and beef.

The most flavorful meat is produced in Greece very carefully. Meatballs and roasted meat combined with potatoes and other vegetables are among the most lovely greek dishes!

4. Fresh vegetables, such as florina peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, zucchinis, aubergines, etc.

In Greece, plenty of vegetables are available for cooking all year long and create amazing Mediterranean flavoured vegetarian dishes. Protein-rich, full of vitamins and minerals, Greek vegetables grow in most parts of Greece and the producer’s care about their crop adds a high quality and an authentic taste.

5. Legumes, such as beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas.

These are among the most versatile and nutritious foods all over the world. They are actually considered superfoods since they make an excellent source of protein, fiber and iron, and they are also full of other minerals. Of course, Greeks consume many different kinds of beans and pulses and generally legumes are a common food in the Greek cuisine.

All of these foods blend excellent with other Greek ingredients and make a rich lunch of high nutritional value.

Greek mother nature ensures 100% taste and 100% quality to our foods, which can satisfy the high gustatory and nutritional needs of modern man.

Are you ready for the most delightful food experience?

The Taste of the Greek Cuisine will reward you!

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