Greek food London: rustic and local

Have you ever looked up for Greek food London? ❝Taste of Greece❞ makes the perfect match. Meet Greek cuisine at its best and enjoy the Greek hospitality. Enjoy a lovely place with ambiance and let the dishes travel you in Greece through our  recipes

Greek food London searches stop here! For first quality products and special recipes. 

The thought of bringing Greece in the heart of London began out of our pure love about Greek cuisine. Fresh vegetables, special aromatic spice and pure olive oil do make the difference.  

Whether you need a quick lunch or a dinner in or out, our big menu list will satisfy your appetite. Greek food London means ❝Taste of Greece❞, a place where good food in reasonable prices is served in a modern and friendly atmosphere in its recently renovated venue. The attentive staff is at your service to help you choose a menu that will surely meet your taste and suggest a fine wine to add to it. 

Our selection of starters, salads, wraps or burgers, traditional dishes and of course our typical grill and pan combinations will fascinate you. You can have your meal delivered home. Remember: Greek food helps you keep a healthy diet. Adopt a Greek meal per week, feel happy with tasty filling dishes or wraps!

Greek food London: 3 delicious dishes you need to try
Handmade Spanakopita – Authentic Greek style pie


Traditional crunchy and crispy Greek spanakopita (fyllo pastry) filled with tasty fresh spinach and Greek feta cheese that gives you a full delicious taste experience! A delicious dish suitable for every time of the day, as a main dish, starter or mid-day snack!

Chicken Gyros Wrap


A delightful wrap, totally homemade! Tender tasty chicken thighs, combined with fresh tomato, crunchy onion, crispy fries in a super puffy pitta bread. Choose a chicken gyros if you keep track of your weight or if you just fancy chicken more

Greek Salad


The Queen of greek cuisine! One of the most famous salads in the world, traditional Greek salad, with fresh vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumber, onions, Kalamata olives, green peppers, Greek creamy feta cheese and extra virgin olive oil, seasoned with fresh oregano.

Keep your weight down with Greek cuisine. Filling meals don’t need many dishes. 

Food is everywhere in London! Little or big food spots can be found on busy or quiet streets. There are many fast food choices or snack options and numerous restaurants. Everything depends on the personal diet you follow and on how much time and money can you spend on your meal. In busy London time is everything, so people tend to look for speedy options when it comes to lunch break. Too much work and too little time may have turned you to a takeaway guy

Can a quick prepared meal not be a junk meal? 

The answer is obvious when the choice of buying around a Mediterranean snack is also available. You can find healthy food in reasonable prices and save the grease and high fat while becoming  a more conscious eater. “Taste of Greece” can help you discover plenty of tasty wraps with lovely meat and fresh ingredients. You can have them in or out plus delivered at your place. This renovated corner of Greece is beating in the center of London and guarantees excellent services and quick delivery of its menu.   

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