Wraps & Burgers

Delicious meat or veggie wraps and juicy burgers combined with tasty vegetables and greek homemade pitta bread. Highly recommended!


A rich appetizing flavour, with a touch of Greece, is the greatest choice to start your menu in our restaurant.

  • Potatoes

  • Rice



Fresh vegetables and tasty natural herbs gives you an amazing taste and combines perfectly with every main dish you choose!

Grill & Pan

Naturally tender and flavorful chicken, pork, meatballs, gyros and delicious halloumi. Everyone’s favourite dish is here!

Homemade Dishes

All time classic, best tasting Greek recipes, for you and the whole family. Healthy and homemade recipes you’ll love.


Save room for dessert… The delicious sweet dessert is going to complete a full taste!

  • Kormos


Soft Drinks

Our sumptuous appetizers are the perfect way to nibble between slices or start your meal.

Vegan Menu

Vegan choices, healthy balanced vegan meals with fresh vegetables and aromatic herbs.