Mission: Greek souvlaki London

Greek chicken souvlaki

Mission: Greek souvlaki London

When it comes to greek souvlaki London, all roads lead to “Taste of Greece”. Fresh irresistible pork juicy meat cubes grilled on a skewer will become your top wrap or favourite dish. Souvlaki is by far one of the most popular Greek fast foods! It can be served wrapped in pita bread, or small bread along with fried potatoes, fresh tomato and onion, and some sauce of your choice. 

More ways to enjoy souvlaki!

Some people choose to have souvlaki plain on hand, or eat it with side dishes in a restaurant or at home. Souvlaki-merida means a portion of souvlaki in Greek and it is a very filling dish!  A portion of souvlaki dish is served as a full plate, usually with fried potatoes, vegetables, sauce, and some pita bread. In “Taste of Greece” any way you decide to have your souvlaki is our way! 

Leave the junk, take souvlaki! 

Any person eating in a Greek restaurant must try souvlaki. And if you try souvlaki in “Taste of Greece” once, you will always come back for more. Don’t let busy days lead you to unhealthy meal choices. Visit “Taste of Greece” and find out for yourself that souvlaki is a tasty and healthy fast food. Don’t take fast for junk anymore, have souvlaki and there you go!  

When you think of Greece, do you think of souvlaki? 
Souvlaki invokes Greece as much as the Acropolis! 

Anyone who has visited Greece has had a souvlaki! It’s the quality of the meat, carefully chopped in cubes and the way they marinate and grill it that will astonish you. Souvlaki is also popular with people who are on a diet since it is a low fat meat portion that fully satisfies your appetite. Apart from the classic pork souvlaki, you can also try chicken or any other meat souvlaki. In “Taste of Greece” we will be happy to serve you this best-known Greek food. 

 Next time you feel hungry, think of “Greek souvlaki London”! 
Pork Skewers

Greek pork souvlaki

Everyone’s absolute favourite, the ultimate Greek summer dish. 2 Pork Skewers with authentic and creamy tzatziki sauce and homemade pitta bread.

Chicken Skewers

Greek chicken souvlaki

Tender pieces of marinated chicken cooked on a BBQ for a sweet and smoky flavour. The best choice for a light summer lunch or dinner. 2 chicken skewers, mouth-watering lemon mayo sauce and pitta bread.

Chicken Souvlaki Wrap

Wrapped chicken souvlaki

Grilled chicken kebab wrap with delicious flavour, combined with vegetables, such as fresh tomato, crunchy onion, crispy fries and tasty lemon mayo sauce in a Greek homemade soft, puffy pitta bread.

Wrap or skewers, whatever you fancy, you will find in in the Greek souvlaki London place, “Taste of Greece“!

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